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Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui

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Assistant Research Scholar, CGS; Co-Director, China Program, CGS

Dr. Ryna Cui is an Assistant Research Scholar at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS). Dr. Cui is an expert in global coal transition and climate and energy policies in China. She leads the Global Coal Analysis and Policy for Decarbonization Project at CGS. As the China research lead, Dr. Cui also manages the development and implementation of CGS's China program portfolio. Her research focuses on climate change mitigation, sustainable energy transition, and global and national integrated assessment modeling of China, India and the United States. 

Before joining CGS, Dr. Cui worked at the Joint Global Change Research Institute, a collaboration between the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland. Her prior research has focused on long-term food security under climate change mitigation, international agriculture trade and food demand, integrated assessment of energy-food-water nexus, and international carbon markets. She holds a PhD in Environmental Policy from the University of Maryland, a Master's degree in Public Policy from the College of William and Mary, and a Bachelor's degree in Management Science and Engineering from Renmin University in Beijing. She enjoys running, hiking, traveling in nature, and trying out good food and good beers from around the world. 

Areas of Interest
  • Coal transition
  • Climate change mitigation
  • China climate and energy policy

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School Authors: Nathan Hultman, Leon Clarke, Christina Bowman, Morgan Edwards, Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui

Other Authors: Carla Frisch, Kevin Kennedy, Paul Bodnar, Pete Hansel, Tom Cyrs, Michelle Manion, Jessie Lund, Joel Jaeger, Andrew Clapper, Arijit Sen, Devashree Saha, Michael Westphal, Wendy Jaglom , Juan Carlos Altamirano, Maggie Dennis, Kareem Hammoud, Christopher Henderson, John O'Neill, Emily Goldfield