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Our Vision

The Center for Global Sustainability at the University of Maryland is an action-oriented climate research center. In a world with rapidly changing politics, technology, and emerging opportunities, we develop and apply diverse research methodologies to illuminate pathways to success in realizing higher ambition trajectories toward global climate, energy, and sustainability goals. Through this work, CGS seeks to expand the ways that governments, communities, and people envision and implement possibilities for ambitious climate action. CGS supports a team of roughly 60 people. We have large and active programs that link national, international, and subnational policy engagement in diverse geographical contexts with research programs that draw from modeling, econometric and empirical methods, mixed methods, and qualitative approaches. Integrating these research elements with intentional policy engagement enables CGS to develop and inform strategies to achieve rapid, clean, just, and affordable energy and economic transitions while also achieving climate goals. CGS has major programs in the United States, China, Indonesia, India, and Brazil, and others; it contributes to advancing understanding of integrating national with subnational action, including across the entire United States and the State of Maryland. CGS is committed to expanding the field through research training, mentoring, teaching, and early career programs.