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CGS Fellow; Co-Director of the China Program

Dr. Yu is a research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute and an associate research scholar at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS). Dr. Yu is an expert in energy and environmental issues, with a focus on climate finance, energy and climate policies, sectoral decarbonization pathways, and smart cities. She leads research on net-zero carbon buildings and industry decarbonization. Dr. Yu also leads the development and application of a state-of-art integrated assessment model with subnational details in China (GCAM-China). At CGS, Dr. Yu co-leads the China research portfolio. 

Dr. Yu has a decade of experience in developing and implementing clean energy policies in China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, and ASEAN countries. She led collaborative research under the U.S.-China Climate Change Working Group and U.S.-India Strategic Energy Partnership and with governments, researchers, and businesses to advance energy policies in various regions. She holds an MS and PhD in Energy Policy from the University of Maryland. 

Areas of Interest
  • Climate change mitigation; sustainable finance; energy and environmental policy; integrated assessment modeling