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Analytics for Global Climate Ambition

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In the current global moment, countries around the world-- as well as cities, states, and businesses --are being called upon to accelerate the economic transition toward a cleaner, lower-emissions future. The policy process of engaging stakeholders, scoping possible opportunities for action, establishing targets, and implementing change requires tight integration of analysis, engagement, and communications. Moreover, the integration of broad and diverse non-state actions and ambition to enhance national planning is an essential component of raising ambition globally. Our work at CGS builds a model integrating engagement, analysis, and multi-level governance that can provide the driving force for enhanced ambition.

    • America's Pledge: CGS co-leads the America’s Pledge analysis team with the Rocky Mountain Institute. The most recent report - Fulfilling America’s Pledge - launched ahead of the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit aggregates the commitments of city, state, and businesses, characterizes new and feasible scenarios to drive down the US emissions, and estimates the overall impact of such actions on the overall US emissions trajectory.
    • Independent Input to the Global Stocktake: CGS is supporting international discussions on how the independent research and NGO communities can best support the Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement. 
    • US-China Track 2 Dialogues: CGS is supporting US-China research discussions on long term strategies and co-benefits analysis.

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