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Delivering on America's Pledge: Achieving Climate Progress in 2020

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The latest America’s Pledge analysis responds to the unique, historic moments of 2020—COVID-19, an economic recession, and a disengaged federal government—by highlighting the ongoing, ambitious climate action led by US states, cities, and businesses. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession, our analysis shows that the US has passed a tipping point in its energy transition and clean energy technologies are here to stay. Our sector-by-sector analysis finds that even in the face of severe budget cuts and immense uncertainty, the continued leadership from diverse states, cities, and businesses; growing public outcry for climate action; and shifting market forces have only increased our confidence that US states, cities, and businesses can drive the 2030 emissions reductions previously modeled—a 37% reduction by 2030, with or without help from the national government. In addition, the analysis shows that climate action from US cities, states, and business—representing nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population and nearly 70% of U.S. GDP—has been bolder, faster, and more consequential over the last three years than ever before. Yet, a coordinated effort across all sectors, including the national government, is necessary to set America on the path towards net-zero emissions. With re-engagement from the national government coupled with an economic stimulus package explicitly addressing climate and energy transitions, the US—building on four years of bold climate progress from non-state actors—can slash emissions in half by 2030 beginning in 2021, reach net zero by 2040, and fully align with the Paris Agreement.

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