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An All-In National Climate Strategy to Deliver Ambitious, Robust, and Credible U.S. Action

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The next year presents a critical opportunity for addressing the climate crisis with a concerted global effort that integrates international, national, and non-federal actions. Re-engaged federal leadership from the United States will be a critical component of this global effort. In this context, a credible and ambitious U.S. national climate target or Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) will require a plausible path for achieving new and ambitious targets. An “all-in” national climate strategy that fuses new, federally driven actions with enhanced non-federal actions will be essential to deliver U.S. emissions reductions in line with global goals. Building non-federal action into a newU.S. NDC will require rapid development of new approaches and institutional structures that meaningfully link actions into an integrated planning process across all actors.

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