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Maryland’s Climate Pollution Reduction Plan: Modeling Appendix

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How did CGS analyze a pathway for Maryland to achieve its ambitious climate goals?



Complementing MDE's release of the final climate pollution reduction plan, this appendix provides crucial details on the modeling that went into the final report.

Kennedy, K., A. Zhao, S. Smith, K. O’Keefe, B. Phelps, S. Kennedy, R. Cui, C. Dahl, G. Hurtt, L. Ma, P. O’Rourke, Y. Ou, C. Wejnert-Depue, and N. Hultman (2023). “Maryland’s Climate Pollution Reduction Plan: Modeling Appendix.” Center for Global Sustainability, University of Maryland. 44 pp.

Last year, the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) at the University of Maryland was selected by the state of Maryland to analyze how Maryland can achieve its ambitious climate goals as per the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022. Following this, CGS released the Maryland’s Climate Pathway report which identifies a comprehensive pathway for how Maryland can truly go “all in” on climate.

Drawing upon the insights from Maryland's Climate Pathway, numerous other studies, and the state's extensive track record in formulating and executing climate policies, the Maryland Department of the Environment unveiled its conclusive climate pollution reduction plan this December. Complementing this release, CGS released a modeling appendix that provides crucial details on the modeling methodology, scenarios, policy assumptions, outcomes, and additional contributions that informed the final plan.

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