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The Center for Global Sustainability Welcomes Its 2023 Summer Cohort

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Meet our 2023 Summer Cohort

The Center for Global Sustainability at the University of Maryland welcomes the 2023 Summer Cohort this summer. The mission of CGS is, through our research and policy engagement, to change the way that governments, diverse organizations, and people around the world envision and implement new possibilities for ambitious climate action. Our 2023 Summer Cohort will work with CGS and our collaborators, as appropriate, to support a growing portfolio of projects and research in achieving climate, development, and sustainability goals. 

CGS is proud to welcome these exceptional individuals with knowledge and experience that further diversifies CGS’s expertise in delivering field-leading research and informing, supporting, and implementing policy in national and international contexts.

Adriana Bryant

A picture and short facts about Adriana

Adriana Bryant is a Chemical Engineer with a Master's in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Maryland at College Park. Her research experience lies in the field of disaster resilience, which examines how society copes with the impacts of natural hazards. A broader understanding of climate policies and their effects on the built environment has prompted her to begin her Ph.D. here at UMD this fall.

At the Center for Global Sustainability Adriana is working with America is All In project and is excited to bring her engineering background to the interdisciplinary team at CGS. Adriana Bryant's LinkedIn.

Aldana Joel Canton

Aldana Canton

Aldana Joel Canton is an Agricultural Engineer with a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. She was awarded the Fulbright and International Peace Scholarship to study in the USA. She was a Graduate Fellow of the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area program. Aldana believes in evidence and data to drive change on critical public policy issues.

Her aspirations consist of working towards sustainable systems to mitigate climate change, promote environmental conservation and increase food security. Aldana will be working with the Indonesia Program team and U.S. subnational policy team on methane mitigation, policy tracking, and land-use policy. Aldana Canton’s LinkedIn.

Shiqi Chen

Picture and key facts about shiqi

Shiqi Chen is currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland, pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master of Accounting degree from Northwest Miniorites University and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

At CGS, she focuses on policy information collection and data analysis for global subnational climate action. Shiqi Chen’s LinkedIn.


Xinzhao Cheng

A picture and short facts about Xinzhao

Xinzhao graduated from the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy, with a Master’s in Public Administration. In her professional career, Xinzhao engaged in various research projects concerning international affairs, business innovation, sustainable development & finance, and ESG (Enviromental, Social, and Governance) topics. Additionally, her research experience covers environmental policy areas such as circular economy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electrification.

Xinzhao’s proficiency in Chinese, English, and Japanese granted her opportunities as an interpreter with UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and other organizations. She will be working with CGS's China Program and Indonesia Program on various projects such as the Roadmap for the U.S -China Methane CollaborationChina's Carbon Neutrality, and Indonesia's Captive Coal.  Xinzhao Cheng’s LinkedIn.

Aboli Dahiwadkar

A picture and short facts about Aboli

Aboli Dahiwadkar is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. She is currently earning her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and Policy with a Marine and Coastal Management and Geospatial Data Science Concentration. Dahiwadkar is involved on campus, serving on the executive board of the UMD chapter of the American Ecological Engineering Society and volunteering for the Office of Sustainability.

Her previous research focused on microhabitat complexity on eco-engineered seawall tiles at San Francisco State University and aspired her to continue studying environmental concerns in marine ecosystems. During the summer, Aboli will be working with the Indonesia Program. Aboli Dahiwadkhar’s LinkedIn.

Sarah Dodds

A picture and short facts about sarah

Sarah Dodds recently graduated from the University of Maryland, earning a Bachelor’s in Public Relations, Communication, and a minor in Sustainability. Sarah contributed to a variety of sustainability projects and programs at the University of Maryland Office of Sustainability, serving as a student ambassador. Additionally, she interned with Analog Devices, where she utilized her expertise in communications and engagement to increase collaboration and awareness for Ocean and Climate Innovation Accelerator (OCIA).

Sarah hopes to pursue a  career in communications and the environment. Sarah will be working with the CGS's Strategic Engagement Team and the CGS-Maryland Department of Environment PartnershipSarah Dodds’s LinkedIn.

Anom Ashok Dule

A picture and short facts about Anom

Anom Ashok Dule is a passionate individual skilled in data analysis and non-experimental econometric methodologies. He obtained an Engineering degree in 2018 from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, India, specializing in Advanced Mathematics for Modeling and Simulation in the Chemical Industries. His fascination with policymaking prompted him to pursue a Master's degree in Applied Economics at the University of Maryland, which he completed successfully in May 2023.

Anom's interests revolve around development economics and environmental economics, with a focus on poverty, education, climate mitigation, and sustainability. Since spring 2023, he has been actively engaged as a research assistant at the Center for Global Sustainability, continuing his role throughout the summer. Anom will be working on the China Program's China Methane Emissions Inventory’s EV Adoption Analysis. Anom Ashok Dule’s LinkedIn.

Shawn Edelstein

A picture and short facts about shawn

Shawn Edelstein is an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park, pursuing a dual degree in Public Policy and Mathematics - Statistics. His research at CGS includes State of Maryland policy implementation, electric vehicle adoption analysis, and U.S. subnational policy tracking.

Before joining CGS, Shawn was an intern at the Executive Office of the President within the Office of Management and Budget, and a research assistant at the University of Maryland Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering studying disparities in electric vehicle access. He is passionate about both quantitative and qualitative data analysis to support more effective public policy. During this summer, Shawn will be working on CGS's State of Maryland EV Adoption AnalysisShawn Edelstein’s LinkedIn.

Aayushi Gupta

A picture and short facts about Aayushi

Aayushi Gupta is a research assistant at the Center for Global  Sustainability where she contributes her expertise in the field of economics. She earned a Master’s in Applied Economics degree from the University of Maryland. Her passion for research is reflected in her authorship of two independent research papers that revolve around the topics of sustainable development and economic development. Furthermore, she takes great pleasure in studying political and industrial economics.

Her diverse internship experiences encompass finance, economics, research, policymaking, and data analysis, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. Her enthusiasm for exploring new areas of knowledge serves as a solid foundation for her ultimate ambition of pursuing a Ph.D. Notably, she nurtures a profound interest in econometrics, inspiring her to delve deeper into this field of study. Aayushi will be working on CGS's U.S Electric Vehicle Adoption Analysis. Aayushi Gupta’s LinkedIn.

Katherine Honig

Picture and key facts about katherine

Katherine Honig is a graduate student at the University of Maryland, pursuing a Masters degree in Public Policy. She graduated from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, earning a Bachelor's degree in Public Policy Analysis. Previously, she served as a research assistant at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, researching and implementing hospital-wide policies to reduce inequities and improve the quality of care.

As a research assistant at the Center for Global Sustainability, she currently focuses on the effects of energy transitions in the Maldives with particular emphasis on investigating the shifts in gender equity. Her other roles include data collection and analysis for the Indonesia Program team. Katherine Honig's Linkedin.

Sasha Kreis

A picture and short facts about sasha

Alexandra "Sasha" Kreis is a junior in the Environmental Science and Policy program at the University of Maryland. She aims to do research in environmental and energy policy upon her graduation with a Master of Public Policy before pursuing her ultimate goal of becoming an environmental lawyer. She is dedicated to furthering these goals as the Director of Philanthropy and Service in the Kappa Omega Alpha Professional Public Policy Fraternity, NOAA Hollings Scholar, and UMD Federal Fellow in the Energy & Environmental Policy focus.

At CGS, her research focuses on national and subnational emissions mitigation policy collection and analysis. Sasha Kreis’s LinkedIn. 

Jocelyn Lewis-Johnson

A picture and short facts about jocelyn

Jocelyn Lewis-Johnson graduated from Albright College in Reading, PA, earning a Bachelor’s in Business Economics and Political Science Minor. During her undergraduate career, Jocelyn interned with a variety of public and private organizations serving in areas of policy and economic research, business development, philanthropy, and business operations. She has participated in several research projects on social protection programs, income, resource distribution, and fiscal policies.

She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. During the summer, Jocelyn will be working with the Strategic Engagement Team to support and promote CGS’s mission through digital engagement. Jocelyn Lewis-Johnson’s LinkedIn.

Henry Liu

A picture and short facts about henry

Henry Liu is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics at the University of Maryland. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor's degree in Economics. His academic focuses included but were not limited to applied econometric analysis, international macroeconomics, and economic history. 

Utilizing his expertise in econometrics, Henry is working on data analysis for the Global Methane project, and offering data visualization content for various research projects at CGS. Additionally, Henry will be working with on policy research for the G20 All-In project. He is excited about this wonderful opportunity to contribute meaningful research and analysis. Henry Liu's Linkedin

Wenli Li

A picture and short facts about wenli

Wenli Li is a Research Assistant at the Center for Global Sustainability. She participated in projects related to methane mitigation, air quality co-benefits, climate change, and energy transition. Her work mainly focuses on data collection and analysis, stakeholder communication, and report writing. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Public Administration.

Wenli works with the Early Career Scholars for an Inclusive Stocktake Program and the China Program, participating in various projects such as Roadmap for U.S.-China Methane Collaboration and Co-Benefits Between Air Quality and Climate Policies in Guangdong and Shandong. Wenli Li’s LinkedIn.

    Yingtong Li

    A picture and short facts about Yingtong

    Yingtong Li is a research assistant at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS). She collects and analyzes policy information for the G20 All-in Analysis project, and coordinates in-person workshops for the iGST project. Yingtong is graduating with a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Maryland.

    In her free time, she enjoys doing sports, watching TV dramas, and spending time with family and friends. During the summer, Yingtong will be working on the Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) project and global subnational climate actionYingtong Li’s LinkedIn.

    Kowan O'Keefe

    Picture and key facts about KOWAN

    Kowan O’Keefe is a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholar, SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, and fourth-year Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. In his dissertation research, Kowan uses integrated assessment modeling and qualitative policy analysis to understand the dynamics of Canada’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

    In addition to my doctoral studies, Kowan works as a research assistant at the Center for Global Sustainability on an interdisciplinary research team focusing on climate change and energy policy projects. He holds a Master’s in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Mathematics from Minot State University. Kowan will be working on the Analytics for Global Climate Ambition and Policy Research and Engagement for the State of Maryland Projects at CGS. Kowan O’Keefe’s LinkedIn.

    Patrick O’Rourke

    Picture and key facts about patrick

    Patrick O’Rourke is a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, specializing in energy and climate policy. Patrick works within the School of Public Policy’s Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) and as a Ph.D. Intern for the Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI). Currently, his focus is on clean hydrogen’s ability to contribute to decarbonization and how policymakers can facilitate the diffusion of relevant hydrogen-based technologies.

    His research also hopes to evaluate how the energy carrier may impact other societal goals (e.g., food security and water availability, energy security, non-greenhouse gas air pollution mitigation, and environmental justice). During the summer, Patrick will be working on the Sloan-funded collaboration with the University of Virginia. Patrick O’Rourke’s LinkedIn.

    Jonah Pereyra

    Picture and key facts about jonah

    Jonah Pereyra is a rising senior undergraduate at the University of Maryland. He is working towards the completion of his two Bachelor’s of Sciences: Environmental Science and Policy and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Originally from Ridgefield, CT, his previous research experience includes studying microplastic pollution in the Chesapeake Bay as a member of Team Marine and examining the carbon storage of mangrove forests in Southwest Florida as an NOAA Hollings Scholar.

    At CGS, Jonah will be working with the Indonesia Program's Electric Vehicle Rollout in Indonesia. Jonah Pereyra’s LinkedIn.

    Bradley Phelps

    A picture and short facts about bradley

    Bradley Phelps graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s in Physics. Upon graduation, he worked in an X-ray laboratory for the Army for a couple of years. Transitioning career paths, Bradley then was a Team Leader with AmeriCorps NCCC, leading a team of 10 young people as they completed various community service projects around the country. Working with communities directly inspired him to pursue a career in policy, with a focus on energy and environmental policy.

    Starting in the spring semester, Bradley continues his work on the Maryland portfolio at CGS as a part-time graduate researcher. Bradley is working on the CGS-Maryland Department of Environment Partnership's Maryland 60x31 Pathway Project. Bradley Phelps’s LinkedIn.

    Molly Schreier

    A picture and short facts about molly

    Molly Schreier is a Research Assistant for the Indonesia Team at the Center for Global Sustainability. Molly is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Geospatial Information Science at the University of Maryland. She is interested in the use of GIS for research on just transitions, renewable energy deployment, and climate change. For her undergraduate program at the University of Maryland, she majored in International Relations and Arabic.

    Since the Fall of 2022, Molly has been working with CGS's Indonesia Program, developing a dataset on industrial parks, resource extraction, and captive coal plants in Indonesia for CGS. Molly Schreier’s LinkedIn. 

    Nathan Zhong Shan

    A picture and short facts about nathan

    Nathan Shan is a recent graduate of the Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science Magnet Program at Montgomery Blair High School and a rising freshman at Yale University. He wields extensive experience in creating high-resolution datasets using web scraping techniques.

    Over the past year, he has worked with Associate Professor Yueming Qiu, Director of Strategic Research Initiatives at CGS, to study energy injustice in the Maryland energy grid. Nathan has been recognized as a Regeneron STS Scholar and an Atlas Fellow. During this summer, Nathan will be working on the U.S Electric Vehicle Transition Analysis. Nathan Zhong Shan’s LinkedIn.

    Aishwary Trivedi

    A picture and short facts about Aishwary

    Aishwary Trivedi is a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Applied Economics at the University of Maryland. He is currently working on the State of Maryland project at CGS. Previously he served as a Graduate Research Analyst at the National Center for Smart Growth, focusing on urban planning in Maryland. Aishwary has previous experience in various sectors, including land, education, gender, water, and climate change. He has also worked on a project at the University of Chicago where he designed a matching lab experiment using information and mechanism design.

    Aishwary's primary interests are in studying the complex interplay between climate change, microfinance, poverty, and inequality in the global south, particularly regarding human behavior. Aishwary will be working on the State of Maryland's Climate Solutions Now Act Pathway Project. Aishwary Trivedi’s LinkedIn.

    Dillon Walton

    Picture and key facts about dillon

    Dillon Walton was born in Frankfurt, Germany, before moving to the United States. Dillon attended San Diego State University in 2017, where he studied International Business. Later, Dillon transferred to the University of Maryland, graduating with a Physics degree in 2023. His passion for sustainability and energy led to his various leadership positions for organizations such as the University of Maryland Sustainability Fund and the University of Maryland Student Government Committee for Sustainability.

    He is excited to begin his research assistant position at CGS to work on his passion for sustainability and energy transition. Dillon will be working on the Subnational Climate Action Leaders’ Exchange (SCALE) and global subnational climate action. Dillon Walton’s LinkedIn.

    Haiwen Zhang

    A picture and short facts about hwang

    Haiwen Zhang hails from China, holding dual master’s degrees in public policy and economics, and currently serves as a Faculty Specialist at CGS. Her policy interest includes but is not limited to energy economics, carbon mitigation, clean energy, climate change, and global sustainable development.

    She is predominantly involved in the CGS China Program, where she engages in captivating data analysis and policy work on various projects such as Synergistic Pollution Reduction and Carbon Mitigation in Guangdong and Shandong, China, and GCAM-China Research on Decarbonization Pathways in China. Haiwen Zhang’s LinkedIn.

    Mengqi Zhang

    A picture and short facts about mengqi

    Mengqi Zhang is a Summer GA at the Center for Global Sustainability (CGS).  Mengqi's research interests include energy systems, sustainability, and modeling. Mengqi holds an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Before joining CGS, Mengqi was an Energy Market Analyst at ICF, primarily analyzing the basis and curtailment in the U.S. wholesale market.

    Mengqi will be working on  America Is All-In Analysis and global subnational climate action. Mengqi Zhang’s LinkedIn.

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