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Convening Tool: Facilitating Cross-cutting Climate Action at your University

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Universities have a unique ability to serve the public interest by connecting research, education, policy, and meaningful action on climate change.  In addition to their broadly understood roles in education and in building research and analytical expertise, universities also can provide a neutral and respected platform for convening diverse stakeholders and facilitating inquiry.  Realizing the potential of integrating these pillars of strength can benefit communities across the country and the world.  

Whether you are a change maker at your university, in your government, or in your community, we hope the following guidelines will stimulate your unique actions:

  • Identify your unique resources and strategic goals
  • Analyze gaps that can be filled 
  • Create strategic partnerships 
  • Convene diverse stakeholders and facilitate dialogue
  • Generate climate action

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School Authors: Gokul Iyer, Leon Clarke, James 'Jae' Edmonds, Nathan Hultman, Yiyun 'Ryna' Cui, Sha Yu, Haewon McJeon

Other Authors: Yang Ou, Allen A. Fawcett, James R. McFarland, Matthew Binsted, Claire Fyson, Andreas Geiges, Sofia Gonzales-Zuñiga, Matthew J. Gidden, Niklas Höhne, Louise Jeffery, Takeshi Kuramochi, Jared Lewis, Malte Meinshausen, Zebedee Nicholls, Pralit Patel, Shaun Ragnauth, Joeri Rogel J., Stephanie Waldhoff