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promotional image for the CGS summer program: fostering future climate action scholars
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Are you interested in helping shape the future of climate action and policy research? The Center for Global Sustainability (CGS) at the University of Maryland Summer Program offers students the opportunity to support CGS projects and research aimed at achieving climate, development, and sustainability goals! 


At CGS, we're not just imagining a 1.5-degree future – we're actively creating it. Our mission is clear: transforming global perspectives and policies on climate action through cutting-edge research and dynamic engagement. As a Summer Cohort participant, you'll become an integral part of this mission, working alongside experts and partners to drive real change. Participants not only contribute to pioneering research and policy implementation on national and global scales but also strengthen their knowledge of real-world impacts to shape climate and sustainability outcomes further. If you have experience in data analysis, policy writing, and a passion for sustainability, apply for our Summer Cohort program, where exceptional individuals gain firsthand experience in delivering action-oriented climate research and advancing pathways towards global climate goals.

Check out the 2023 Summer Cohort!


Being a part of the CGS Summer Program means you work up to 40 hours/week over the summer and apply robust and innovative research approaches to support research, data collection, engagement efforts, and more. 

  • Dive into the forefront of climate research and policy implementation
  • Collaborate with industry leaders and researchers across our programs
  • Gain hands-on experience in data analysis, policy writing, and more
  • Develop essential skills and insights to become a climate leader


A member of the CGS Summer Program is passionate about climate and energy issues, armed with a knack for data analysis, and eager to make a tangible difference. Whether you're delving into low-carbon development strategies or exploring the co-benefits of climate mitigation, there's a place for you in our program.

  • Currently enrolled at or recently graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Coursework and/or research related to climate, energy, and justice issues and policies
  • Quantitative analysis, data collection, and/or project management
  • Data visualization, including but not limited to figure design, GIS/map creation, and infographic design  
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Conducting robust literature reviews to better understand how the research world thinks about critical topic area

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please fill out this form to apply for Summer 2024. The priority deadline for the summer of 2024 is March 31st, 2024. However, we will accept applications on a rolling basis through the remainder of the spring.

It depends on CGS needs. We have a growing number of projects and programs that have a variety of requirements and needs. If the right person applies and capacity is available, we may bring them on sooner to get started. 

Yes! We welcome all applicants and depending on the project need and your expertise, we can take on 10 hours per week. However, we do prefer people that are able to give more time.

Yes! We welcome all applicants and would love to employ students passionate about working for CGS. However, we cannot guarantee 40 hours per week - our projects can ebb and flow (depending on the project), so some weeks may be slower than others. With that being said, we love to support all our students in their interests, so if our students have a slow week but are interested in conducting independent research in support of CGS or writing a research product based on their summer research, we will support that to log more hours. 

Yes, work authorization required

Yes, we offer hourly compensation, based on the level of education and experience 


Our program is highly competitive. We will review applications, invite selected candidates for interviews, and ask candidates to complete a simple writing and/or data task. 


We ask for 50% of time to be onsite, with flexible schedules