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Mitigation indicators and analytical approaches for the Global Stocktake

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Indicators are essential to understand progress and opportunities to enhance ambition. The independent analytical community has an important opportunity to inform stocktaking by producing indicators that will not otherwise be produced through the official GST process. Important questions are where the independent community should focus its efforts in this regard and whether capacity currently exists. CGS will solicit feedback on research to identify key mitigation indicators and gauge collective capacity to assess them. 

The Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) partners are building a vision for a robust Global Stocktake (GST). As part of this initiative, they are co-hosting with ClimateWorks on a series of discussion webinars focused on each of the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement—mitigation, adaptation, and finance. Their goal is to share preliminary research on the nature of information available to the GST in each of these areas, as well as to hear from partners on these essential topics.

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